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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sabbatical Paintings in Progress

Here are some photos of ten paintings underway for my sabbatical project. As I'm modeling my project after the AP studio art exam, I plan to complete 12 pieces this year that explore the idea of habitat along the Darby Creek.

Painted along Greenwood Avenue in August. It was hot and this shady spot was a welcome relief to beat the heat. This painting also continues a painting I had made years ago of the same house. I decided to put them together and make a diptych.

Owen Avenue in Lansdowne has so many amazing houses to paint. I saw a few former students while doing this one, including one who is currently taking Studio Art AP at Penn Wood!

This painting was conceived to be a continuation of the painting above.

Here you may notice that three paintings are put together to create this triptych painted on Owen Avenue in Lansdowne, PA.

I love this spot on Lansdowne Court; this shot shows my setup and a piece under way. 
How it starts...

This is the same painting above, but further along. It ended up changing a lot before it was finished!

Painting in this spot along the creek in Darby I bumped into two former students, owe of whom had gone on to study art at Tyler.

Whenever I've driven through this section of Hilldale Road I've always wanted to paint this wooded area overlooking the creek.  

Hillsdale Road, a bit further along.

Years ago I painted this same house on West Lacrosse Avenue in Lansdowne; this time I was intrigued by how it was peeking out behind a large foreground tree (that got added in later). 
This section of Runnemede has so much inspiring architecture that I could turn in any direction and start painting.  It made sense when a neighbor told me the area was on the National Register of Historic Districts (Lansdowne Park).  The hardest part is just picking something to paint.  

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