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Friday, August 17, 2012

Adirondack Trip

I headed up to Paul Smiths College in June for a week of painting with many other artists in an event sponsored by Plein Air Magazine. The challenge for me was taking in all of the migratory birds while painting.  I had to keep my binoculars by me at all times.  The red-breasted nuthatch with its young was a highlight.

Cloud Reflections, 12 x 12” oil

When I arrived at this spot to scope out a view a Green Heron took off.

Heron Habitat, 12 x 12” oil

While painting I wanted to dip my feet in the water; I slipped and fell in.  It was a reminder that rocks are hard and I have to be careful.

Distant Water, 12 x 12” oil

AuSable River, Adirondacks, 12 x 12” oil

Though I didn't see them, the entire time I was painting this I was serenaded by the singing of nearby Wood Thrush.

Crows and Hey, 10 x 10” oil

Some of us painted at the beautiful historic White Pine Camp.  I ended up jumping in the water about half-way through working on this painting.     

White Pine Camp, 10 x 10” oil

Bog River Falls, 10 x 10” oil

We visited the Rockwell Kent studio which had amazing views of surrounding mountains. In his preserved studio, recently closed to visitors, I discovered a trapped Eastern Phoebe trying to escape by a closed window.  With help getting the window open, the phoebe quickly (thankfully) flew out.   

Mountains and Tractor, 8 x 8” oil

Storm Clouds, 8 x 8” oil

Summer Painting, 2012

I painted at Bartram's Garden in southwest Philadelphia with a former student.  Great day, even in the heat.  While I was working one of the gardeners came along to work and I quickly added her to the painting.

Tending Bartram's Garden, 18 x 18” oil

I must be on a figure kick, because I started this painting, thinking 'if only there was something pink or red in the composition'.  I had a hunch a cardinal would show up, and sure enough, a male flew overhead.  Then, to my surprise, a woman from the house shuffled out in a pink blouse!  She took the leaf bag with her, but later returned it and I was able to paint them both into the painting. 

Leaf Collector, 10 x 10” oil


Here I was attracted to the statuette in the foreground of this lush garden.

Antiquity, 24 x 24” oil

Visiting friends in Williamstown, MA, gave me a chance to paint their yard.  We had dinner at this table the night before, and I loved how the tablecloth looked in the yard with Tiger Lilies in the background. 

Noah and Simon's Yard, 12 x 12” oil