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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Upcoming Shows in and near Philly

Artists' House Gallery in Old City Philadelphia is exhibiting a group still life show.  I will have several pieces on view.  I hope you can make it to either the First Friday reception on January 3rd from 6 - 8 pm or the artists’ reception on Sunday, January 5th from 1 - 5 pm.  The show runs through the month of January.

On the Table: The Art of the Still Life 

Artists' House Gallery, Philadelphia

I’m also happy to have a piece in an upcoming juried exhibit at the Main Line Art Center featuring works by a selection of 2014 Professional Artist Members.  I hope you can make it to the Opening Reception.  

Professional Artist Members’ Exhibit     
Main Line Art Center  
January 3rd - January 24th, 2014 
Reception: Friday, January 10th, 6 - 8 pm

More details may also be found here: Main Line Art Center

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Water Surfaces: Darby and Wissahickon Creek

A beautiful spring day along Darby Creek.  The shadows, reflections and movement of the water turn into a puzzle I enjoy trying to fit together.

Rocks and Shadows, Darby Creek Oil on canvas, 20 x 20" 

I perched on a large rock overlooking Wissahickon Creek.  A wood duck swam by so I included her in the painting.

Surface MovementOil on linen, 16 x 24" 

Detail, Surface Movement

Leaves began changing, seemingly overnight, after I started this view.  I adjusted my painting to include yellow-green and yellow-oragne additions.  The goose silhouetted against the varied yellow reflections was a welcome surprise.

Valley Green ReflectionsOil on canvas, 24 x 24" 

Detail, Valley Green Reflections 

I balanced on rocks to paint this view.  I saw a Water Thrush bobbing its tail along the bank, so I included it too; still not sure if it was a Louisiana or Northern Waterthrush.

Wissahickon RocksOil on canvas, 24 x 36" 

Detail, Wissahickon Rocks

At Bell's Mills I wanted to paint how the roots wrapped around this large mossy rock.

Root-Wrapped-Rock, Wissahickon Creek, Oil on Linen 16 x 24"

Again along Bell's Mills I painted this view of Wissahickon Creek.  I love the feeling of being in the woods, peering out from the shadows.

Wissahickon at Bells Mills, Oil on linen, 24 x 36" 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter Painting: Stones, Reflections, and Animals

A day in early November that would have been impossible not to paint: sparkling blue skies, crisp shadows and sunlight warming my back.  On days like this it can be hard to decide what to paint because everything looks so beautiful.  Here, the shadows along the white fence, orange holly berries, and the geometry of the stone house against the blue sky all appealed to me.

Springfield and Crefeld, Chestnut Hill, oil on canvas,16 x24" 

Stones and Water in Ridley Creek.

Rocks, Ridley Creek, oil on canvas, 10 x10"

Painting along Cobbs Creek in October.  I liked how the light was coming through the leaves and cat tails, casting strong highlights on the water and rocks. 

Cobbs Creek, Fall, oil on canvas, 8 x 10"

On Thanksgiving I headed out to paint reflections at a nearby creek.  After bringing the finished painting to my studio and looking at it further, I decided I like it better upside down (as presented below).

Reflections, oil on canvas, 12 x 12"

Horses in Chestnut Hill staying warm in the melting snow. I like painting animals because of the concentration required to quickly capture the essence of their forms, and the relaxed state it puts me in to do so.

Horses, Melting Snow, oil on canvas, 12 x 12"

Painting in Media, PA on a beautiful winter day. I love how winter light is often sharp and crystal-clear.  I was enjoying the architecture and colors in this view when a woman with her dog approached.  I quickly painted them in, hoping to capture the spring in her step and the gestures of both as they passed by.

Dog Walking, oil on canvas, 12 x 12"

Another red house in crisp winter light...

Red House, oil on canvas, 20 x 20"

We got more snow and I was determined to paint blue sky and purple shadows on a street I regular drove through.

Sycamore on Maple Street, oil on canvas, 18 x 24"

Here the lush snow shadows and a relatively simple composition made for a wonderful morning outside painting.  There's another woman walking her dog which is turning out to be something I'm gravitating to in my work.

Snow-Cleared Path, oil on canvas, 18 x 18"