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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Too Many Blogs! And more explanation about my sabbatical project...

The following was originally posted to a blog created in a new program I am using for my teaching website; I prefer a few features of Blogger, though, so moved the post to my teaching Blogger site (found on www.msgrunt.com).  The more I think about it, though, this info probably makes the most sense on my www.alycegrunt.com blog, so here it is, after visiting all of my blogs and being slightly edited.

Photo of piece when it was in progress: Triptych Habitat, 20 x 60"

Currently I am on a sabbatical working on a painting project.  My proposal aims to model the AP studio art exam by developing a body of work similar to what AP students are required to do.  In addition to painting, I have been rebuilding my teaching website (msgrunt.com) and my artwork website (alycegrunt.com).  This has required extensive reorganizing of my photo library (over 12,000 images), most of which had been organized by albums in the old iphoto program, only to loose all of the albums when iphoto was phased out and ‘photos’ became the new program available.  If I have any wisdom to share at this point it is to save all groups (whether by album, keyword, whatever) in folders on a separate drive.  

I have also been looking at a lot of art books I've also been reading about art on line, especially enjoying artist interviews posted on Painting Perceptions, and listening to artist interviews on the  Savvy Painter podcast.  I mention this because one artist interviewed, John Cosby, said he doesn’t like to post his work on social media as he finishes it because he needs time to sit with the work and process it free from others’ opinions. I relate to needing time to absorb the work and look at it for a long time before putting it out there.  That said, I’ll post a few images of some of my sabbatical work in the early stages.  The pieces are complete now but I’m going to hold off on a complete unveiling until I have more time studying them.

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